Hott Synopsis

The man is a menace.

He is absolutely adorable but he know it – and he sees Parker as is quick and easy path to the top – at least she thinks so. Really, what could be better than the boss’s daughter, right?

If only Parker didn’t remember that one time. The only time she’s let down her defenses since she found out she was pregnant with her now five year old son. The only time she’s ever… well, no, Parker does not want to remember that evening.

But HE is her father’s minion. His attorney, to be precise. His minion attorney who somehow manages to attend all of the family functions and is always at daddy’s side. The minion attorney that Daddy spends much more time with than his daughter. The minion attorney that Daddy wishes was his son.

Could there be a better reason to detest him?

Yet, here the minion is, with Parker, trying to help her make this itsy bitsy shack into a home since her father’s been sent to prison and his assets seized.

If only Parker can remember he’s the minion attorney and not the sexy carpenter.

Hott Review

Not as funny as is typical of a Higgins novel but an awesome read — actually much more up my alley. I adored this book and will most likely grab a copy for my shelf.

And you you help but love the dogs?


Author: Kristan Higgins
Grade: A
Steam: Oh my, oh my!


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