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Lil’s heart has never reflected the conservative Mennonite values of her parents or her church. Her longings have been kept under wraps, for the most part, but as she’s faced with the choices that will determine the rest of her life she finds herself wavering.

Lil desperately wants to be promoted from her job as a line cook to a head chef but until her personal life gets under control it seems that any job may be out of her league. Though not typical for a Mennonite, Lil’s mother is suffering from a severe case of depression and Lil’s life is wrapped up in doing the household chores and taking care of her mother. It’s gotten to the point that her personal life is intruding on her job way to often and her boss isn’t in the mood to give much more.

Lil will accomplish her dreams – because she’s promised herself she won’t end up like her mom – a depressed housewife doing dead end chores on a hog farm with nothing left to live for.

Hott Review

I’d love to say that I’m open-minded but after reading about a conservative Mennonite girl smiling seductively I’ve realized that I’m a bit rigid in what I expect from my characters. Nothing out of line happened – it was just a few word choices that made me back up.

This was a good book, both dramatic and light; it was well written and had interesting characters but there was just something missing for me to simply love it.

Author: Dianne Christner
Grade: C+
Steam: YA — BUT, I’d consider this an Edgy Inspirational

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