Hott Synopsis

Emily is the new girl She’s cute, quiet, and so very frightened.

And, Jake can’t help but to notice her. If only he could see her smile. If only he could catch her eye. If only…

If only, he had something to offer.

Jake’s life is a shambles, how can he possibly offer to help Emily begin to put her shattered life back together?

Hott Review

Brace for impact! Goodness. Every teen deals with the treachery that is high school but what if on top of all that you had to deal with abusive parents?

This book is very real. You feel like you’re each of the characters. It hurts. It’s wonderful. It’s scary. It’s a must read.


Author: Lindsay Paige
Grade: B+
Ages: 15+
Steam: YA
Series: Bold As Love 1


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