Hott Synopsis:

Jana can’t believe she’s doing this. She just can’t run anymore. She can’t risk her daughter’s life just to stay out of jail. Still, returning to Cooper Creek to beg her ex, Blake, and his family for a kidney to save her daughter isn’t how she planned for this to happen.

Yes, she was inconsiderate and selfish when she took their daughter and ran away from the home Jana and Blake had made. She just wasn’t the same person then. He has every right to take their daughter and toss her in jail for her actions but Jana can only pray he’ll understand and have mercy.

Or at least save their daughter’s life.

Hott Review:

What I liked: I really enjoyed this book as a stand alone. There were a lot of relatives but overall they didn’t detract from the story or make it at all confusing. This was a sweet book about trusting God to make our lives work – and remembering life happens in His time, not ours.
What I didn’t like: This series is confusing to me. I’m pretty sure in the last book Blake’s dad was dead… but maybe I’m just reading them out of order and getting confused. Sometimes, though, it seems like a completely different author wrote this book.


Author: Brenda Minton
Source: Love Inspired via Netgalley
Grade: B
Ages: 16+
Steam: YA – just some kissing
Setting: Cooper Creek, Oklahoma
Series: Cooper Creek #7

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