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Review | The Fed-up Cow

The Fed-up Cow by Peta Lemon

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Hilda is FED-UP with being a cow. Spending all day doing not much but moo. There has to be something more she can do.

So she decides to be a sheep…
… then a pig
… and even a chicken.

Is the grass any greener on the other side?

Join Hilda, the fed-up cow, on her voyage of self-discovery in this daft but timeless story, written in rhyme.

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Hott Review:

The Fed-up Cow is a cute and fun book I loved sharing with the kiddos.

Bedtime stories have never been as entrancing as when I shared The Fed-up Cow with the kids.

Actually, sharing it with the teens is a great idea too. The Fed-up Cow is a great reminder to be happy withourselves as we are, and that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.

I did find it sad how everone made fun of Hilda as she tried to find her path… but such is life.


Author: Peta Lemon, Maria Todoric (Ills)
Source: Peta Lemon
Publisher & Date: January 30th 2018 by Quirky Picture Press
Genre: Children’s
ISBN: 1999956672 (ISBN13: 9781999956677)
Pages: 34
Grade: A
Ages: 1-6

Author Bio:

Peta LemonPeta works as a lawyer just outside London and is a mother to three very young children. She has always loved reading and writing and since having children has started writing children’s stories, which is a welcome break from the sometimes dry world of law.

She has launched her first children’s picture book, the Fed-up Cow and her second book, Timmy on the Toilet, is in the process of being illustrated and will be released later in 2018. Her stories are quirky, funny and written in rhyme as these are the types of stories she enjoys reading to her own children. Her favourite children’s author and inspiration is Jeanne Willis.

Website: author's website


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