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Review | The Game of College

The Game of College

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The Game of College is a non-fluffy, hopefully interesting, guide to getting a bachelor’s degree. Most think of getting a bachelor’s degree as four years of hard work and sacrifice, but who has time for that? This book shows how to use the system to your advantage, with tips and tricks that will make your college experience quicker, cheaper, and easier than everybody else.

You will learn how to:

  • Pay around $50 per credit hour
  • Pick the right colleges
  • Get accepted
  • Negotiate for better grades and easier work
  • Use the system to get a 4.0 GPA
  • Organize yourself with little effort
  • Make class assigned “teams” work

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Hott Review of the Game of College:

What I liked: It’s time to prep for college and you’re wondering where to go. How to figure all of this out. And most of all, how not to waste your time and money. Well then, The Game of College may just be for you!
The Game of College is a well laid out book that reads like you’re talking to a friend who’s been there and done that. Even though I went to college myself, it was a great reminder of things that are important and the knowledge that’s important to impart to my kids.
What I didn’t like: I don’t know if it’s a geographical thing or that things have changed, but some of the tips provided will no longer work or are no longer applicable. However, it does give the reader a great place to start and a series of questions to ask.
As I mentioned, The Game of College is like talking to a friend, because of that occasionally there are some words/phrases that will offend some.


Author: Michael Woodward
Source: Kindle Free Read on September 17, 2014
Publisher & Date: March 26th 2014 by Tadworth Press
Genre: Non_Fiction
ASIN: B00J9XP612
Pages: 214
Grade: B


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