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Review: The Great Cat Caper

Hott Synopsis:

When the S.A.V.E. Squad, including Sunny, Aneta, Vee, and Esther, accidentally find out that the cats living at the dumpsters near their meeting place are going to be ‘removed’ they know they just need to do something.

Can they put aside their differences and disappointments, once again, to save the little darlings?

Hott Review:

These middle-grade books are a bit difficult for me to review. I know it’s because the girls reading them are so vastly different. Their personalities go from 6 to 36 in a matter of seconds, so the books written for them need to fit all of their changings.
That being said, I think this is a great example of how a middle-grade book should be written. There are several strong yet vastly different personalities to show the reader that no matter who you are it’s okay. The characters are working together for something that doesn’t benefit them in the least. Finally, it not only hits on several disappointments and changes that greet girls in that age range but also shows how friendship can help you through life.


Author: Lauraine Snelling and Kathleen Wright
Source: Barbour Publishing, Inc. via Netgalley
Grade: B+
Ages: 9-12
Series: S.A.V.E. Squad Series Book 2


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