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Review | The Mindful Diet

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How to Transform Your Relationship with Food for Lasting Weight Loss and Vibrant Health

You’re on that tetering edge of hating to look at yourself in the mirror and knowing that another diet failure will just bring on the calories. You’re not alone. We’ve all been there.


Some have emerged victoriously.

Do you want to know how? Grab The Mindful Diet and work through this before you lose the battle and fall off of the edge for the last time!

Hott Review:

The journey to weight loss has not been an easy one for me – like everyone else – and it took a huge life change to make it happen. I’m happy to say that with a lot of research I’ve come to a place where I feel healthy, both mentally and physically, and that change was a result of my diet.
What I liked: The Mindful Diet is a very real depiction of what I’ve researched in this past year. Since learning that the food I was putting in my mouth was causing the depression and illnesses I’ve experienced in the last thirty years. It is very wonderful to see that there are finally doctors that see the correlation of life and diet.
I recommend this book for everyone – if only so that you don’t fall into the trap of the trending fad or fast-food diets.
What I didn’t like: It really irks me that I spent the last year researching and learning this stuff the hard way only to find it in this newly released book! But, I wonder if I’d have paid as much attention if I hadn’t needed to research.


Author: Ruth Wolever PhD, Beth Reardon MS, RD, LDN, & Tania Hannan
Source: Scribner via NetGalley
Grade: B+
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About Our Authors:

Ruth Wolever, PhD, is a clinical health psychologist, the Director of Research at Duke Integrative Medicine, an advisor to the Duke Diet and Fitness Center, and an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the Duke School of Medicine.

Beth Reardon, MS, RD, LDN, previously the Director of Integrative and Functional Nutrition at Duke Integrative Medicine and Senior Nutrition Advisor for Caring.com, currently has a private practice in the Boston area.


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