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Review: The Nanny’s Homecoming

Hott Synopsis

Drawn home by the loss of her fiancé

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and her grandfather’s death, Brooke Clayton is ready to put the past to bed and move on with her life. As long as moving on means that she never need socialize with the ‘other side’ of the family and that she never need have the responsibility of a child.

Widower Gabe Wesson has no use for another socialite that can’t be bothered with responsibility – he needs to find a nanny – but there is just something about his new neighbor that draws him. First appearances would leave him believing that she’s just as irresponsible as his deceased wife but his gut is telling him that he’s wrong.

Will Gabe be able to trust again?

Will Brooke be able to conquer her fears and enjoy Gabe’s son?

Hott Review

It was much more fun and interesting than many Harlequin Love Inspired have been in the past and I enjoyed it very much. Well, the ending was abrupt and left me with many unanswered questions but, hopefully, it’s part of several instead of a stand alone.

Author: Lisa Goodnight
Rating: B+
Steam: Y/A
Publisher: Love Inspired Price: $3.99 (GR)

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