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Harlan Astor is really going to do it. Scratch that – he’s done it. Harlan has recreated the Titanic to celebrate and memorialize the ill-fated ship and those who lost their lives.

The maiden voyage is embarking soon and the look in Harlan’s eyes isn’t quite sane as he turns away so many that want to be a part of making history. However, he makes certain that his friend, author Trevor Hughes, so that all can journey though the ship with them on this first voyage.

But when Trevor returns scarred and unable to speak of the tragedies that took place on that journey… who will help him break through the barrier of hurt to tell the story he was meant to share.

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I enjoyed this book and agree that it’s a great book to commemorate the 100th anniversary but… it’s definitely a novel that my hubby would like more than me. It’s a bit hard to explain except to say that it’s definitely told from Trevor’s viewpoint – like the description of the whiskey is meatier that that of the gowns.

The imagery is so amazing it’s unspeakable — I ‘saw’ more of this ship than I did in the movie.

This isn’t a book – it’s an experience.


Author: Bill Walker
Grade: B
Steam: Adult

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  • I was never a huge fan of the movie, but I love watching any documentaries on the Titantic, so this maybe a book I’d be interested in, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  • Thanks for stopping by! So glad you enjoyed my review.

    Honestly… I didn’t enjoy the movie either. I won’t even watch the reruns.

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