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Review: Trumped Up Charges

Hott Synopsis:

Every mothers worst fears are realized the morning Hadley wakes up to find her twin daughters missing from their beds.

Now, the lead detective starts making noises about Hadley being a suspect. Is he even serious? Hadley can barely function from fear and she’s the only person he can think to pin the blame on?

In walks the man of her dreams and her daughters’ unknowing father to further place suspicion firmly on Hadley’s head. Can this house of cards she’s built hold up under the strain or will this kidnapping mean the end of all of Hadley’s dreams.

Hott Review:

What I liked:I loved the book. It was fun, there was great suspense. I really enjoyed Hadley & Adam. I will definitely read this again. However, …
What I didn’t like: There were some very odd maybe misplaced elements in this book. First, there were times that I needed to look at the cover again to see if it was Christian Fiction. It wasn’t terrible or frequent but it was noticeable. I also, thought that the story would have worked without the drama of Adam’s father.


Author: Joanna Wayne
Source: Harlequin via Netgalley
Grade: A
Steam: YA — 16+


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