Hott Synopsis

Loss are fear are the only things that keep Abigail moving forward.

That sense that someone is watching her solidifies as she’s walking home one evening in a dark alley and a man appears from no where just to help.

How did he know?

Where did he come from?

Must he leave?

Can he even be trusted?

Well, Abigail gets the answer to her last question when her house is ransacked and then her most prized possession disappears. Now, she must recover it.

Hott Review

If you can handle the steam I’d say this is a definite must read. I, however, would have preferred more plot and less, ummm, steam. This has all of the making of a great book, it’s just a bit heavy on the sensuality and light on conversation.

I’m not sorry I read it (at least since my eyes stopped burning) but it’s unlikely I’ll pick it up again.


Author: Brenda Williamson
Grade: C+
Steam: Scorching!

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8 Replies to “Review: Under Her Brass Corset”

  1. When I first scrolled down and saw the cover I went – Oooooo this looks fun!
    But… yeah I am not much into too much steam. A teacups worth of steam is ok, but I don’t want the whole post boiling over.
    It is a cute cover though!

    1. I know just how you feel, Wendy! A page or two is fine and I love the steamy flirting but I prefer a book to center around plot.

    1. Oh my goodness!! Do you know how long I searched through my post before I realized you were talking about yours?!?! How inattentive I am!!

    1. I know just what you mean. I’d originally grabbed it because I’d thought it was another novella for that series — imagine my shock when all of that steam smacked me in the face.

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