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Twins, Emma and Charlie Nelson, aren’t too excited about spending their summer vacation on a remote island with little to do. Bored, with the exception of a slight dating prospect, the teens go camping. Only to find that there is much more to life than what this world would have them believe.

Stuck in parallel universes and on extraordinary planets Charlie, Emma, and their newfound friends race against time to save themselves and the universes from succumbing to The Void and it’s minion, Vik.

Hott Review:

What I liked:The Universes Inside the Lighthouse is a really cool book. It’s a complete non-stop adventure! I really enjoyed this book from the first to the last word. The published synopsis & cover do not do it justice.
The multi-universes and time traveling elements along with the teen heroics made this an utter win for teen readers.
I LOVED The Void. The terror in this book is essentially a reference to depression and self-absorption. I think these are both very important topics that need to be shown as an enemy, especially to teens!
What I didn’t like: The science references can be construed as anti-Christian, so if you’re not into fantasy that calls that into question, this isn’t the book for you.


Author: Pam Stucky
Source: This was a gift from Pam Stucky in exchange for an honest review.
Grade: B
Ages: 14+
Steam: Nada
Setting: Balky Point, Washington
Series: Balky Point Adventures #1
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Author Bio:

Pam Stucky is the author of the beloved Wishing Rock series, which takes place in Wishing Rock, Washington, a town in which everyone lives in the same building. Letters between the neighbors and their friends chronicle the twists and turns of the characters’ daily lives, and are interspersed with recipes tried and tested by the characters themselves, in these witty and wise novels that explore community, relationships, hope, fear, forgiveness, risk, dreams, trust, and love.

Pam also has a series showcasing another of her loves: Travel! The Pam on the Map series brings readers an intimate insight into Pam’s adventures and misadventures as she travels around the world, near and far, meeting new people and discovering new cultures. These books, filled with wit and wanderlust, are the embodiment of Pam’s passions of curiosity and connection. Currently, the series includes a full-length book on Iceland, and shorter travel tidbits in the Ireland and Switzerland books.

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