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This year we found out that FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) sends coaches and their spouses from all over the US to the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember event each year. Now, I’ve been begging hubby to go every year because, although we have a pretty good partnership, all marriages can use strengthening.

Hubby, of course, just rolled his eyes, but we really did have a terrific time. We were able to attend the event held in Hershey, PA and got to see some amazing speakers. It was really a tremendous experience that I really believe all couples should have.

Hubby & I arrived happy and secure in our marriage and left feeling stronger and more like a team.

Although… when I asked him what the greatest part of the weekend was for him the answer was… “Seeing you finally ‘get’ it.” Grrr!!

Keep an eye out because in the future we’ll be able to help others attend the even at low or no cost solutions. 🙂

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