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Review | When Miracles Happen to Everyday People

It’s a God Thing, Volume 2

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We pay. We go to church. We listen to “Christian” music. We read the Bible.

Do we watch?
Do we experience?
Do we open our hearts to the miracles around us?

Every moment God does something miraculous. Sometimes it’s in our lives, sometimes it’s in the lives of those we love. Sometimes it’s just something we read.

Take a moment and experience a miracle.

Hott Review:

A few weeks ago my teenage son came home from our Christian School and told me he was taught that God doesn’t perform miracles anymore. I almost cried. Luckily, my son didn’t believe that, as he said, I see a miracle every day I watch the sun rise, but, it was still a wake-up call. I had no idea that people believed that God no longer performed miracles or that He ONLY performed the miracles found in the Bible.
So, when two days later Shelton Interactive contacted me and asked me to review “It’s a God Thing Volume 2: When Miracles Happen to Everyday People” I had to laugh at the irony of that miracle!! 😉
What I liked: This book is amazing and can be both used as a typical read or as a devotional. I read the first half in one afternoon and enjoyed every story. Though I will admit that I had to ponder and pray during and after each story.
The essays contained in this are wonderful 5-10 minute reads that will have you marvelling at the wonders of God’s works and His continuing love. They will not only show you the big miracles but also the small everyday miracles that so many tend to overlook.
What I didn’t like: The only thing that bothered me was that most of the stories are from a woman’s perspective. I’d love to hear from men more frequently how He affects them.


Created by: Don Jacobson
Source: Shelton Interactive
Grade: A
Ages: 12+
Steam: NONE
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A Little More About the Book:

It’s a God Thing: Volume 2 (Thomas Nelson, Nov. 11, 2014) is a compilation of 58 stories proving miracles are not reserved for the Bible characters in the Old and New Testaments; they’re happening to everyday people, all around the world. This is the second book Jacobson and K-LOVE have released in the series sharing miraculous stories from everyday people.

Jacobson, whose own miracle story is about surviving a gunshot wound in a hunting accident while alone for hours in the woods, has read thousands of stories of miracles for the It’s a God Thing books.

He believes this book will redefine how readers look at miracles. “Whether you believe in miracles – or the God behind them – there’s no escaping the fact that a lot of people have their own miracle story to share,” he says.

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