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Review: Willa Bean’s Cloud Dreams

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Willa Bean is just a bit different.

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All of the other cupids in Nimbus have soft straight hair, pink cheeks and silky white wings. Willa Bean has a crazy mess of curly hair, a million-bajillion freckles, and purple wings with silver tips.

Willa Bean is ecstatic that she’s starting school even though she’s so very different. There is one small problem, though. Only one difference that matters to Willa Bean. She can’t fly. The most important part of being a Cupid is getting to fly to earth to help humans… But if she can’t fly, she can’t help.

Hott Review

Do you remember Pipi Longstockings? Or, Pollyanna? Well, I do. I constantly wondered why those girls never seemed to get in trouble. Willa Bean is much the same for me. She was wonderful, spunky, and impetuous.

This was a delightful book for early school aged children or early readers. The girls enjoyed Willa Bean’s antics – though I cringed – and giggled quite frequently.

Author: Cecilia Galante
Rating: B
Steam: N/A

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