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Scandal, Amanda Quick

Simon, Earl of Blade, has learned some very interesting things in the last twenty-three years. He’s learned not to count on anyone except himself. He’s learned that revenge is a dish most enjoyed when cold. He’s also learned that when you destroy someone it is best to destroy the entire family. Thus he begins his vengeance against the entire Faringdon family. He won’t stop until each of them is destroyed. It is a simple plan, really, he’ll just remove the source of their income – the youngest, twenty-four year old Emily is the key to Simon’s vengeance.

Emily Faringdon is the youngest of the Feckless Faringdons. While her father and brothers are off in London gambling their lives away, Emily is at home reading stock reports, learning about crop rotations, and investing their money so that they will make it through their lives comfortable – even with the gambling. Knowing the way employers are she has even assisted her father’s employees and others in their small community with their investments so that they will live out their lives with out poverty. Emily is tremendously intelligent. Her only real flaw is her love of poetry and that she actually believes that claptrap. 

Not to worry – Simon will bring her screeching into reality – or will he?   

This is one of my favorite books. It is a reminder that even intelligent people need their dose of unreality – especially when their reality is just too much to deal with. I love how Simon spends so much time seeking vengeance while Emily spends her time looking for the good in everyone.

It’s a very relaxing book but never ceases to make me laugh – I’m not sure what is funnier the things Simon says or Emily’s unrelentless belief that he’s going to do what’s good and just…

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Buy

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