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Sea of Suspicion

Nick has been trying to pin the murder of his wife on her boss, Professor Sizemore, for the last ten years. Now, another of Sizemore’s students has turned up dead and Nick will finally get his revenge.

Or will he?

Nick became a cop to pin this guy but now it seems as if her death may have come at someone else’s hands. Could the same person have killed both his wife & the student? Was it the Professor? Could it possibly have been his wife? He had run off with someone else…

Emily, Nick’s ‘mother-in-law’, refuses to give up her grudge against Sizemore.  She will do everything in her power to make him pay – if the dementia doesn’t get her first.

Did you ever read one of those books where you just know who the killer is? This is so that book – as long as you like changing your mind! Hubby detests watching movies or tv with me because I always say blah blah blah will happen – and then it does. It kind of takes the fun out of it for him. Well, this book makes you second guess yourself over & over. It’s wonderful!!

I really enjoyed it – however, I gave it a B+ because of two reasons. 

  1. I didn’t laugh once. I love to read books that make me laugh and Sea of Suspicion was too intense to be funny.
  2. I couldn’t stop analyzing. I think all of the time. Reading is my way to relax and I do not like to read books that require my brain to work overtime – especially when I’m supposed to be enjoying the afternoon with my family by the pool and I just can’t put the silly thing down for fear I’ll miss something.
If you’re looking for a lazy afternoon book – this is not for you. But if you want a thought provoking mystery and not a humorous romance (although they get together in the book it’s not really a romantic book) grab Sea of Suspicion today!!
Rating: B+
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**This book was loaned to me free of charge for my honest review.

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7 thoughts on “Sea of Suspicion

  1. Thanks, Nora!
    I never realized how much I'd like to write reviews. If I had, I would have started this a lot sooner!!

  2. Awesome review. I like how you listed what didn't work for you 🙂

    PS Thanks for coming by my blog and being so sweet 🙂 *hugs*

  3. After reviewing the posts I've been doing and thinking about what I liked in others posts, it finally occurred to me that I was only saying why I liked the books – but we all don't enjoy the same things so possibly things I like others don't and vise versa. I'm hoping that my readers find it useful.
    Oh, and I love your blog! It's very helpful to me!

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