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Second Chance Brides

Attending the wedding of the man you expected to marry is not how to begin a new life. But Leah and Shannon don’t really have much of a choice.

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They didn’t win the bride contest and are therefore still unwed. Though the Corbett brother who invited the girls to marry their cousin haven’t gotten off ‘scott’ free. They’re picking up the tab at the boardinghouse where the girls are residing.

Then to add injury to insult a twister makes it’s way through town – leaving wreckage and injury throughout. What are the girls to do but help – especially as there are no jobs to be had. What they really need to do is to get married as neither of them can return from whence they came.

Will they wait and follow God’s path for them or will they just marry the first to ask?

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this and read it in just a couple of hours. It was really cute. A perfect YA Christian romance to teach waiting for God’s plan for your life instead of marrying the first rascal who offers.

What I didn’t enjoy. It wasn’t very funny. It was cute and light but I didn’t laugh. On the upside – it wasn’t stressful either. Just a quick easy read on a chilly afternoon.

Rating: B+
Buy or Borrow: Borrow
Steam: Just a bit of kissing

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2 thoughts on “Second Chance Brides

  1. Sounds like a good one!! Sometimes it nice to just read a relaxing book, lovely review Gina!!! This is something I think I would enjoy reading, putting it on my TBR!!!

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