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Secrets: You Tell Me Yours and I’ll Tell You Mine Maybe

The years that were in middle school were some of the most difficult of my life.

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What about you?

I’ve spent the last ten years wondering how I’m supposed to get my children through something that I’m not even sure about. What could I have done differently? Why was I so alone? Why did I feel so weird?

How do I help my children know that their physical appearance is okay? How do I show them that it’s okay to be who they are? How do I keep them from growing up too fast?

I always felt ill-equipped for my 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years and don’t want my children to feel the same. Yet, after reading this book, I realize that there is no way to completely prepare them or fix this for them. I can only make them aware and be there for them.

There are a number of really good ideas in the book as well, like family hugs and one on one dinners. Family hugs make everyone feel loved and needed and part of something – these are all feelings that seem impossible during many times of our lives. One on one dinners are huge! I can’t believe I never thought about it. Take your child out and let them talk to you. They’ll be much more likely to share over a meal with just you than they will if you’re at home making dinner and that’s exactly what they need – someone to talk to!

Thanks, Dr! I’m starting to remember what my life was like all those years ago and feel much more confident about guiding my children through these difficult years after reading your books. The style, like the first, is a series of diary entries that completely through me. I was taken back through time and reminded how I felt and why. Living through that again gives me the knowledge I’ll need to help the kids. Thanks for the reminders, the insights, and the veiled suggestions!

Rating: B
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