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Seduction Becomes Her

Seduction Becomes Her
by Shirlee Busbee
(# 2 in the ‘Becomes Her’ Series)

The last few years have been hard on Daphne. Not that she’d trade them for the world but she put her life on hold to raise her siblings when their parents died. Now, at twenty-eight, Daffy is firmly on the shelf and her world revolves around April & Adrian. She’s thanking the heavens that Adrian has come into an inheritance and they no longer have to make do – but strange things are happening…

First, they find that in addition to the wonderful home in Cornwall they’ve also inherited  an extremely jealous neighbor – who thought he would be the one to inherit the estate. Then on their very second night in their new abode – a ghost visits Daphne. She spends months trying to determine whether she’s going crazy or if there is a specter to worry about. What will she do? If she mentions it & they send her away who will look after the children?

Charles Weston is has come to Cornwall to find out who is torturing young women to death. He’s so frightened he can hardly see straight. The last time he saw women tortured in this way it was his brother’s doing. But it couldn’t be Raoul. They killed him, didn’t they?

Charles is the house guest of one of Raoul’s closest friends – who spends all of his time drinking and complaining of the young upstart who stole his property. So he is shocked when asked to come to the rescue of the upstart’s sister. 

This is the first book I’ve read by Shirlee Busbee – but it won’t be the last. She threw so much into this story that it was impossible not to like it. There’s romance, seduction, ghosts, murders, and so much more! I was shocked that she got it all into one book – it almost reminded me of ‘The perfect County & Western song’.

That being said, it was really difficult to get into the first several chapters. The prologue stuff, recounting the previous book, and the inheritance bits were quite, well, boring to me. It could have been a mood. but honestly I was a quarter of the way through the book before I started to enjoy it. However, I know without a doubt that it’s a comfortable book I’ll read again & again.

So grab it – but don’t give up on it too soon.

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2 thoughts on “Seduction Becomes Her

  1. Great Review!!! I will definitely have to put this on my TBR!!! I have yet to read from this author so I will have to get on it!!! Sounds like a good romance!!!

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