Lucius and Kevin are the best of friends. Intelligent. Smart. Bored. Poor Little Rich Boys.

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So when they decide on a new game it’s not surprising that it’s at the expense of others. And who will care, really? It’s only women.

The game? Seduction. One point for each act. Some money for each point. Extra point for extra ‘services’. It’ll be great fun. Especially, as they’ve decided to use some date rape drugs to ensure the compliance of the women they’ve chosen. Oh, and it is great fun, until the first date dies. Then… well, extra points for that! It’ll be better next time – knowing that they’ll die.

The police? Who cares about them? The police are idiots! Obviously, as they’ve pitted a woman against Lucius and Kevin! Women are good for nothing… well, maybe a few things… but definitely nothing that requires intelligence.

My Thoughts

Oh, this was good! I loved every moment. I couldn’t put it down. I was hooked from the first word!

What I liked: I loved the plot. I loved Peabody & McNab their argument and the extents they went were fabulous! I loved that it picked up moments from the last book. How elements from previous books were drawn in and utilized – like the Magda movie – to keep the feeling that we’re part of their lives.

What I didn’t like: Actually this is one of my favorites in this series! I love the guys and how real they are. I really didn’t like the last book but this one dragged me back in!

Rating: A+
Buy or Borrow: BUY
Steam: Scalding!

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