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Simple Secrets

Harmony. Harmony is a little Mennonite village where evil resides. Or at least it was. Is it still? This is the truth that Gracie must find.

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Gracie has just inherited her Uncle’s home in Harmony and must return to close it up and sort things out. Gracie had never met her Uncle. He stayed in Harmony after her parents and grandparents left – and hadn’t spoken to them since. Was it because they were banned or because of his own hardened heart.

Gracie’s first view of Harmony shows it’s idyllic nature and she’s so happy to find neighbors that are loving and willing to help – or are they looking for something? Although her first impressions are wonderful, Gracie learns that there are many secrets in Harmony – including the one that forced her uncle to remain.

My entire female-in-law clan reads the Amish-Mennonite books and I’ve never really been able to get into them. This one, however, had me gripped from the opening. There was nothing lacking in this book!

What I liked: The story was wonderful. It was gripping. It was thrilling, It was scary. It was inspirational.

What I didn’t like: Actually, I thought the fear factor could have been better. Though I understand that because of who committed the crime it couldn’t get worse there was such a build-up to the half-way point and then it just tapered. Actually, that makes it perfect for most readers. I’m just warning those of us who search out thrillers – it is but it’s not.

Rating: A+
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  1. Hi Gina, wow, A+, I'm guessing you really liked that book! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I really enjoyed your spousal LOVE story!

    Have a great week, Bonnie

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