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Slow Hands (Harlequin Blaze Series #402) by Leslie Kelly

When the graphic artists have some problems pulling together a brochure for a charity auction things start falling apart.
Most of the bio info on the brochures for the charity bachelor auction were correct – however, two weren’t. One man was a gigolo the other a paramedic. Maddy bid on the gigolo to keep her new step-mother’s hands off of him. Now all she had to do was to keep her hands off of him.

He won’t leave her alone though because he doesn’t want to welsh on a promise so now what? They start spending time together. Well, the rest is obvious and they do spend at least 70% of the book between the sheets – or not.

It was a cute book. There was little to no plot mostly just steam – It was a bit to steamy for me…

Rating: C

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