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Softly and Tenderly

Three ladies embark on a road trip to see if they can each find themselves before they’re lost.

BNAmazonGRCBD – Author

Beryl has known for the last eight years that she is dying of cancer but for the last year she’s lived with her daughter to try to repair some of the damage in their relationship. Now, though she’s ready to go home – even if it means dying alone in her own home.

June has lived with a cheating husband for more years than she’d care to admit but after walking in on him with his new friend she’s had enough! Of course, she’s not sure why this was the straw – was it because they were in her house or that her daughter-in-law was right there next to her?

Jade’s been married for two years and things aren’t quite the ‘happily ever after’ she’d anticipated. Her husband spent last summer in rehab, Jade’s had numerous miscarriages, and her second shop isn’t going well. To top it off she’s just found out that her husband has a two year old with his ex. It’s just time for Jade to make some tracks.

My Thoughts

This book, at least for me, didn’t draw or pull. It just was. There wasn’t the profound Christian experience I had hoped for nor was it devoid of Christian life. It was a book about three women, but mainly Jade, dealing with the choices they’ve made and trying to move forward with them in the way that God wants them to.

What I didn’t like — the ending. UGH! Cliffhanger!

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Borrow
Steam: Nada
Series: Songbird
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publish Date: 1/4/11
ISBN: 1595544909 Price: $9.99(GR)

This month The Christian Fiction Book Club is being hosted at The Doorkeeper and everyone is to choose their own book.

I’ve decided not to answer the discussion questions as usual but explain why this series gets to me.

I very easily identify with Jade’s relationship with her mother. No, my life wasn’t anything like theirs but I did feel deserted and spend all of my time with fear and worry. They are both things that God calls us to leave behind.

Reading these books has helped me to gain a better understanding of why my mother may have done what she did but above all else this book in particular has helped be to realize that there is still more forgiveness to give.

Pray for me.

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5 thoughts on “Softly and Tenderly

  1. Oh, Gina, I can relate to what you shared! I didn't even know I was harboring mother issues until recent years. I thought I had put all that "stuff" behind me. Then God had to show me that my heart was not clean yet. It's amazing how complicated those relationships with parents can be. I'll be praying for you!

    Thanks for linking up your review. You're such a consistent blogger. All of us who read your book recommendations appreciate that!

  2. Faith Hope Cherrytea, I really enjoyed it. You're right it felt more like listening to someone remember than reading a story.

    Renee Ann, Thanks for the kind words. I'll keep you in my prayers, as well.

  3. Oh my friend, praying for you, definitely.

    I just got this one on Netgalley. It's a cliff hanger huh? I hate cliff hangers, LOL. Especially when I don't have the sequel sitting right there.

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