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Something Blue, Emily Giffin

Something Blue picks up right from where Something Borrowed left off. THe only change is that this book is from Darcy’s perspective.
Darcy can’t believe it! She just found her fiancé almost naked in her best friend’s closet. It had to be a one time thing, right? Darcy was the pretty one. She was the one everyone flocked to. She was the one who always got what she wanted. Rachel’s not ugly but she’s not beautiful like Darcy. Really?!? I mean Rachel is smart – you can’t be smart and beautiful.

Dex must have just gone over there for consolation and things got carried away. There is no way he could have chosen to be with Rachel – especially, not after having Darcy! Sure Darcy is pregnant from cheating on Dex with the guy Rachel had been seeing but that’s completely different – Darcy just has cold feet. It’s not like it meant anything.

This book was really a lot more fun than the first one. It really completed the story. It fixed all of my unresolved feelings from the first book. It really was best moving to Darcy and watching how she gets herself of the jam she’s gotten herself into; especially when she realizes that her baby’s father isn’t who she thought and she should never have thought he was a better choice than Dex. It’s also funny to remember that there are people who really believe that mapping out a plan that includes meeting a rich guy and letting him fix everything will still work.

Rating: A

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