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Something Borrowed, Emily Giffin

Rachel is now thirty. She has an enviable job at a prestigious law firm that she hates. She lives alone. She’s not dating anyone and has no prospects. She has a best friend who has it all.
Darcy, Rachel’s best friend throws her a ‘surprise’ thirtieth birthday party and Darcy spend the evening reflecting on Darcy’s perfect life. Darcy plans parties for a living! She has the perfect body. Darcy at twenty-nine can still et up on the bar for a drunken dance and have everyone long to be with her or to be her. Darcy gets everything she wants! When will Rachel get something? When will Rachel win in their competitive friendship?Darcy ends up way too drunk to continue the evening so her fiancé pulls her down from the bar gathers her up and ushers her home. Dex is so wonderful! Rachel knew him first – why isn’t he hers? Oh, yes – because she introduced him to Darcy.
When Dex returns to retrieve Darcy’s purse he and Rachel start talking – like they did in law school. They do a bit of bar hopping. Then they hop in cab to call it a night. The cab hits a bump knocking them together and the next thing they know they’re waking up in Rachel’s bed together. Did that truly happen? Did Rachel just risk her friendship for one drunken night with the perfect man? Yes! Yes! Yes!WOW! I absolutely loved this book! It was really hard for me to read though. It caused for a lot of reflection. Do I tend to be like Rachel – just assuming that you can’t have what you want instead of fighting for it. She allows things to happen around her because it’s just easier. She’s tremendously jealous of her best friend. Why? Because Darcy believes she can have what she wants so she gets what she wants. While Rachel never believes she can have what she wants so she always allows Darcy to win.

I will say that, for me, at least, the ending really sucked. It just left me feeling that something was missing. I don’t know maybe it just wrapped up more quickly than I wanted but it just felt like it ended in a bad place. Because of that my rating is a bit lower than it would have been – though the rest of the book I just couldn’t put down…

Rating: B+

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7 thoughts on “Something Borrowed, Emily Giffin

  1. My blogging friend Hilcia has read and reviewed this book and really enjoyed it as well. I'm still kind of on the fence because of the cheating thing… but I may still borrow it from the library. I heard it may be made into a movie?

  2. Christine, it's absolutely worth reading, but I'll tell you it was very hard for me to read. The cheating part got to me but what was worse was how Emily Giffin pulls you into the story. I was actually feeling guilty for cheating and nervous each time Rachel and Darcy spoke because I was afraid it would come out – then I was blindsided when it did!

    Don't read it unless you get the next one too, though. The end is such a drop that really left me craving 'what happens next.'

  3. That's almost *exactly* what Hilcia said. I'm pretty sure my library has both books, but I'll make sure before I decide to read them! LOL.

  4. I actually read them in the wrong order! I think I liked it better that way. The cheating thing really just gave me a knot in my stomach, but I still liked the book overall! Her new book comes out in a week or two "Heart of the Matter". I really liked all of her novels (Baby Proof and Love the One You're With)…so I will be reviewing this one soon!

    Like your reviews alot…I think we enjoy the same type of books! If you get a chance come check out my new blog


  5. I think I may have liked them better that way, also. I had such a rough time with the first book and the ending wasn't any good – you must read them together.

    I'm glad you enjoy by reviews. Stop by often!

  6. Thanks for stopping by during the Blogger Hop! I absolutely loved this book! This is still my favorite book by Ms. Giffin. After reading it, I had to add her to my favorite authors list. I can't wait for the movie tie in. Nice review.

  7. A movie sounds good. I'm not sure if there would be a way to make Rachel look good without all the extra 'thoughts' the book adds.

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