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Southern Storm

They think Cade ran away and got married without telling anyone?
Why on earth would people believe something like that? Well, yeas, there was a letter from Cade saying that he ran away to marry some girl he never had introduced anyone to. Who would believe that? All of the cops. The FBI. Just not Blair so she sets off to find out who that woman was that he was last seen with.Then Karen, one of the residents of Hanover House, hands her baby to a nurse in the hospital. Only it wasn’t really a nurse – it was a kidnapper – and now her baby is missing.And Sadie, poor Sadie, can’t make friends. The only person who ever speaks to her at school Morgan & Jonathan don’t want her to socialize with. So what is a seventeen year old to do? She sneaks out.
This is really an enthralling book. It is very interesting and watching their trust for God grow and change is encompassing. It’s definitely worth the read – I couldn’t put it down!Rating: A

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