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Spellbound, Nora Roberts

Colin has spent his life thinking he was crazy. Throughout his childhood he had a friend no one else could see.
He had dreams of people and places he couldn’t have possibly known. It was so very real to him that his parents sent him to doctors and psychiatrists trying to determine why he was ‘different’. He started to feel like he wasn’t normal – until he stopped knowing these things while he was awake and stopped telling anyone about the dreams.Then, one day during a conversation with his parents he says he’s going to Ireland. He wasn’t even aware he’d been thinking of going, yet he hops on a plane and begins driving as if he knows where he’s going. He stops at a castle ruins like it is the destination he had in mind when he made his decision to come.
As he tops the hill she comes running out of a familiar little cottage. She runs right to him hurls herself at him and they kiss like lovers that have been separated for too long. Then he wonders who she is…It’s not a long book, but if you like magic – witchcraft or just the magic of love it’s worth the read.

Rating: B+

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