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Steam and Sorcery

Hott Synopsis

When a group of five street


children help Merrick out of the Vampyrik mess he’s gotten himself into while searching for recently kidnapped girls, Merrick knows he must do something for them. He may have been able to ignore it but one of them is definitely a defendant of a Knight and the others are also special as well.

Merrick, being the compassionate loving being that he is, NOT, brings all of them, and their menagerie of mechanical pets into the home he shares with his aunt. Now, all he needs is a governess willing to accept them as they are…

And protect them from the vampyres chasing them.

Hott Review

I loved this book! I’ve been having some trouble reading and this brought me right back where I belong. The characters seemed so real that I miss them. I especially adored the children but, I am a sucker for any character that loves and accepts orphans.

Author: Cindy Spencer Pape
Rating: A
Steam: Adult
Series: Gaslight Chronicles #1
Publisher: Carina Press Publish Date: March 7th 2011
ISBN: B004MPRZIE Price: $4.61(GR)

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