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Stories That End Well

I’m not sure if many of you know about manybooks.net. It’s a terrific website that compiles eBooks in all formats and allows readers to download in whichever format they choose. I’ve found it to be quite daunting to find books there – especially since I just like to browse and they have so much I just get frustrated. So to help me I’ve set up Google Reader to notify me each time new books are added. It’s terrific. I’ve found many books that I never would have looked for – books for myself, my son, & my mom.

Sometimes the books – and especially the titles just make me smile. I often wonder who the marketing expert was the derived these titles. Want to see what I mean? I received this a few days ago…

Stories That End Well:

Author: Octave Thanet
Language: English
Published: 1911

  • An Adventure in Altruria
  • Through the Terrors of the Law
  • The Real Thing
  • The Old Partisan
  • Max—Or His Picture
  • The Stout Miss Hopkins’ Bicycle
  • The Spellbinder
  • The Object of the Federation
  • The Little Lonely Girl
  • The Hero of Company G
  • A Miracle Play

I must say, it never occurred to me to put stories together in this fashion. How about you?

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