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Review | Sundays in Fredericksburg

Sundays in Fredericksburg

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Hope’s Dwelling Place

​When faced with the prospect of a loveless marriage Amelia Bachman disappointed her father by refusing the offer and becoming a schoolteacher instead.
Hank Zimmerman is refusing to honor his father’s wishes by being a craftsman instead of taking over the family farm.
Are they out of accord with God’s wishes for not following the paths their fathers set it for them?
Will the young orphans set right their hopes and bring them all back to His will?

Review: ​I loved this novella! It was absolutely adorable. Peaceful and fun but with plenty of adversity and challenge.

Author: Connie Stevens
Grade: A
Ages: YA | 16+
Setting: 1897

A Shelter from the Storm

​Mildred Zimmerman returns from nursing in the war to find the Spanish Influenza has stopped to visit her hometown as well. If only her fiance were here to help her instead of the doctor who makes her her stutter.
Dr Nelson Winters may have overcome the Spanish Influenza but it left him crippled and out of the clutches of the woman he once thought loved him. He’s come to a new town to start over and when he sees Mildred he knows where he wants to spend his life, if only his liability didn’t keep him from asking.
Can Mildred and Nelson stop looking at the past long enough to see the wonderful future God has set before them?

Review: ​A Shelter From the Storm is a sweet romance full of the promises of God’s love.
While not my favorite novel, mostly because it was so sad and stress filled, it is a good book.

Author: Marjorie Vawter
Grade: B
Ages: YA | 16+
Setting: 1918

Letters from Home

Trudy Meier’s dream is to be a photographer traveling the world and sharing her art with everyone. But she doesn’t see a way out.
Bradley Payne travels the world taking pictures of and writing about his experiences. He has no idea why Trudy wants to leave, especially when she has the family he’s always dreamt of surrounding her.
Can their opposing dreams be the beginning of a bright future?

Review: I really enjoyed Trudy and Bradley’s story. It was sad in places but overall a sweet picture of life and love.

Author: Lynette Sowell
Grade: B+
Ages: 16+ | YA
Setting: 1943

A Hint of Lavender

Clay Tanner is stuck in his professor’s Sunday house with a torn acl until his team’s archeological excursion is over. With no one to talk to and only one neighbor this is bound to be a long summer.
Gwen Zimmerman is spending the summer at her family’s Sunday house in order to work in town and alleviate some of her father’s medical expenses.
Can a woman who will only follow God’s will and a man who’s never met Him sustain an easy friendship?

Review: I loved this novella! What begins as a friendship turns into a sweet romance and we get an amazing picture of Christ’s love and offer of redemption. The perfect ending!

Author: Eileen Key
Grade: A+
Ages: 16+ | YA
Setting: Present

Hott Review:

Way back in 2013 I borrowed Sundays in Fredericksburg from NetGalley but couldn’t read more than a page or two before putting it down to pick up something “more exciting”. Recently, though, I picked it up again and couldn’t put it down.

​I loved how they connected the stories! I think just that makes this one of my favorite novella collections. Though sometimes the timing of the novellas threw me off & I had to go back and review how old everyone was…


Source: NetGalley
Publisher & Date: April 1st 2013 by Barbour Books
Genre: Historical Christian Romance
ISBN: 1616267445 (ISBN13: 9781616267445)
Pages: 352
Overall Grade: A
Ages: 16+
Steam: None
Setting: Fredericksburg, Texas
Series: Romancing America


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