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Review: Thaw

‘Ruth is 32 years old and doesn’t know if she wants to be 33…’

Beginning on March 1st Ruth began writing in a journal so that she could decide whether she really wanted to continue with the life she had begun. She decided that for three months she would write and at the end she would review what she had written and decide ‘whether it’s all worth it.’

I opted to read the story as she wrote it. I began on March 1st and read each day what she had written for that day. Some days it was lighthearted and you began to feel as if she would continue. Other days it was miserable and you could feel the darkness she felt invading you as you read.

It’s amazed me the way Ruth’s character can be so very real. I so just wanted to go to her and fix this. I wanted to shake her and tell her that it wasn’t that bad. Everything can be overcome. I’ve been where she is and life is still worth living. Oh, my. What an emotional book!

With that said. I won’t read it again. It’s not really something that you’d want to journey through again. The darkness, the despair. The emptiness. It’s best not to remember. It’s best not to look back. Move forward. Find reasons to live. Find people to love. It’s never best to just let the darkness in…

Rating: B
Buy or Borrow: Borrow

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