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The Accidental Mistress

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When given the choice between death and marriage to the squire, Lily Bainbridge finally realizes she has no choice but to commit suicide –

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or at least make it appear that she did. Lily barely manages to survive making her escape but her plans weren’t for naught and she narrowly esapes death – and her step-father.

Dressed as a boy, Lily manages to make it nearly to London without anyone looking past her disguise to the lady underneath but a chance encounter with a man who makes her insides quiver begins Lily thinking that maybe not all men are the same. Will this man be able to change her mind before someone finds out that she’s not quite as deceased as she’d have them believe?

Hott Review

Lily is my kind of girl – she’s the kind of person i’d like to be more like, she’s the kind of person my friends are, she’s the kind of person I’d love my daughter to know. She doesn’t whine and allow her circumstances to command her life. No way! Instead she leaves the only home she’s ever known and embarks on a journey that will change her forever.

Take a few hours and enjoy a fling!

Author: Tracy Anne Warren
Rating: B+
Steam: Adult
Series: Mistress Trilogy 2
Publisher: Ballantine Books Publish Date: 11/27/2007
ISBN: 0345495403 Price: $2.77(GR)
Others in the series: My Fair Mistress, 1
The Accidental Mistress, 2
His Favorite Mistress, 3

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3 thoughts on “The Accidental Mistress

  1. Sounds like a great heroine! I love fantastic characters that make me… want to be them. Great review 🙂

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