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The Bride Blunder

Marge and Daisy have grown up as sisters. They love each other more than the cousins they are and would never do anything to hurt the other. Therefore, it’s with great jubilation that Daisy opens a letter of proposal for Marguerite. It’s an accident, of course, seeing how they are both named after their grandmother.

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There is no way Gavin would have proposed to Marge! Daisy is the pretty one. She’s the jubilant one. Marge is the sturdy one. The dependable one. The schoolteacher. But, no. Gavin was invited to Daisy’s wedding so he must truly want Marge. Her dreams are coming true! Her patience in God has proven itself!

Gavin is ecstatic. He’s worked very hard to get the mill up and running. No small feat. He and his grandmother live in an up and coming prairie town but still there isn’t much in the way of brides wondering around. So he does what any man would do – he formally asks for the hand of the prettiest maid he knows. Daisy. However, when her cousin Marge arrives he realizes that maybe he should have been a bi more specific. Now to keep her from finding out the truth of the situation…

What a cute book! I enjoyed the blunder. I enjoyed the characters. There were as many as three stories going in this all too short book. 

What I  liked: Marge. Her character was well thought out and the blunder was played well. I loved Gavin’s grandmother. Her character couldn’t have been better. I loved that God wasn’t an afterthought in this book. He was the reason for he book and the central theme in the book.

What I didn’t like: A couple of times I felt like I was too old to be reading the book. It had something to do with the character’s reactions to each other.

Overall, I did enjoy the book and would/will ABSOLUTELY buy it for Great-Grandma.

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Borrow

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