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Review: The Christmas Basket

The Christmas Basket is the first of two holiday books in the ‘On A Snowy Night’ Christmas feature by Debbie Macomber. The second is The Snow Bride.

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The Hatfields and McCoys.
The Montagues and Capulets.
The Suttons and McDowells.

Yes, it really is that bad. The families had been the best of friends until Sarah borrowed one of Mary’s family heirlooms and lost it. Then the battle lines were drawn. Mary wrote a scathing article in the newspaper. Sarah put ‘Open House’ signs in Mary’s yard. It went on and on.

Then, one day, Noelle McDowell reconnected with Thom Sutton and they decided to elope rather than live with things the way they were. Except, Thom didn’t turn up when Noelle expected and she went looking for him. Only to find him with his buddies in the arms of another woman. She spend the summer crying and then left for college.

Has it really been ten years since she’s been home? Impossible. Yet, Noelle knows it’s so. All she has to do it return for her sister. It’s her engagement party for goodness sakes. Noelle must be there! As long as she doesn’t have to run into Thom or those other Suttons things will be fine.

Only, who is that man staring at her from two rows back. Noelle didn’t notice him when she boarded the plane. No! Not yet!

My Thoughts

I actually read this book every year. It’s one of my favorites. It’s cute, sweet, romantic, hilarious. A bit unrealistic in places perhaps – but isn’t that how we prefer romance?

Rating: B+
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Steam: Some very chaste kissing.

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