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The Crepe Makers’ Bond

Do you remember the inseparable trio from eighth grade? Ariel, Nikki, and M are that trio. They do everything together. Sort-of.

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M is, well, perfect. She has fashion sense. She gets great grades without studying. She’s well liked. She & Nikki have been friends forever. But how will the dice fall when her mother decides to move away?

Nikki is ‘the yearbook girl’. Everyone knows her and respects this aspect of her personality. Nikki has only been with M & Ariel for two years but they’ve become so very close in those years. Except, well, Nikki is hiding something. 

Ariel loves to cook. She tries her recipes out on everyone. She cooks to relieve stress. However, she just can’t get her clothes to fit the way she’d like them to. Just before school starts an earthquake hits while the girls are in the kitchen and Ariel sees that as a sign of bad things to come. Will they be bearable?

I think this is a perfect YA book. The thoughts, feelings, and memories conveyed will help those going through middle school realize that they’re not alone. And remind those of us who are done – why we’re thrilled it’s over. The girls have very ‘minor’ problems that at the time seem like life is ending but this will help – hopefully – some to realize that it’s not over yet.

I loved the recipes scatted throughout the book. Each is simple, yet fun & they all look yummy! I’m pulling them for my 9 year-old cook to make. He loved to make anything and most are simple enough for him to do by himself. These are terrific for emerging cooks – or  for mom who want something last minute to toss together.

What I didn’t like? Well, Nikki’s story. I’d have liked for it to have been better developed but it really wasn’t part of the storyline just a side item. The writing was well done – for a YA or an adult. It was interesting. Short enough to keep the attention of a newer reader (you know those nieces we’re trying to get into a book finally). 

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  1. there is one before this book – Discovering Pig Magic. It's about the trials the girls had the year before. But this is the last.

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