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The First Escape

Hott Synopsis

Sadie & Saskia are not orphans.


They only live at the Orphanage because their mother forgot to pick them up. She loves her twins and wouldn’t have left them there this long if she’d remembered them. They each try to remember that as one is adopted. As Saskia is whisked away by the chauffeur she tries to remember that she had to leave Sadie behind, if she had refused Muzz Elliot, the orphanage’s benefactress, would have withdrawn her help and they both would have been out of a home.

Saskia isn’t with Muzz Elliot long before she realizes there is something more than odd about her new home. She’s sleeping in a tower far away from everyone. There are odd notes posted everywhere. There is a large portrait covered in the foyer. There are people sneaking through the gardens. Oh, and there are the ghosts, as well…

Sadie isn’t fairing much better. First, she’s locked away. Then she’s chained to torturing apparatus. Then, then…. Well, it’s just too horrific to say. Sadie needs to escape, but there isn’t anyone left who’ll watch her back. Sadie needs a friend.

Hott Review

Wow! This is a book for every house! There is such a mixture of action and adventure your child (you) won’t be able to put it down!

I started this one evening with the kids and barely managed to get them in bed two hours late… Then, well, I finished it because I couldn’t wait. It was the perfect mix of print and graphic novel to keep me, my two boys, and my daughter enthralled.

Author: G.P. Taylor
Rating: A+
Steam: N/A
Series: The Dopple Ganger Chronicles #1
Publisher: SaltRiver Publish Date: September 1st 2008
ISBN: 1414319479 Price: $13.99(GR)

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