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The Ghost of Christmas Past

This is the first novella contained in ‘A Magical Christmas Present’. Book two is ‘A Midnight Clear’ by Lisa Cach, and book three is “Promises to Keep” by Victoria Alexander.

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Once a top notch reporter Jason has recently been reduced to writing the ‘Lifestyles’ articles. How low the mighty have fallen. The man who once traveled the globe is now fiance-less and writing a series about the ‘Christmas Past’ celebration hosted at some of London’s most famous inns. One has intrigued him more than the others, though. The one that looks to be an invitation from 150 years ago. The one no one remembers including in his package. The one so cryptically inscribed:

You are invited to meet
The ghost of Christmas past…
“Through this portal, take your leave,
You’ll come back on Christmas Eve…”

My Thoughts

Usually I write more of a review, but if I do I’ll just spoil it for you. Please, take the time to read this – a Christmas ghost story, how wonderful!

Absolutely worth the hour it took me to devour it!

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Steam: Just a bit of premarital bliss… nothing too graphic.

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