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Beginning her senior year in a brand new school
after taking a year off to care for her cancer ridden mother, Katherine Winters, Kate, is just a bit apprehensive. She’s even less enthusiastic when the town hottie hits on her and Ava, his girlfriend and captain of the cheerleading squad, invites Kate to a party.

Shockingly enough it’s a trap. A trap that leads to Kate risking her life to try to save Ava from sudden death. Kate was just moments too late. Just as she finally starts to wrap her head around Ava’s death a man appears offering to bring Ava back to life if Kate will agree to spend half of every year with him. He’s very generous – he gives her two weeks to make her decision.

What will happen to Ava if she chooses not to spend half of the year with him?

Who will care for Kate’s Mother if she leaves?

Is this even real?

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Hott Review

Snazzy! An absolute must read! This book was the one that finally made me decide to admit that I enjoy YA. It was an awesome contemporary mythological romance (sounds like it should be oxymoronic, doesn’t it?)

PS – If for some reason you KNOW mythology and prefer your author follow it implicitly then this is not the book for you. However, if you like to imagine things aren’t quite so black and white and would like to see the characters in a new light then, by all means, grab this!
Don’t laugh. I had seen wonderful terrific awesome reviews of this book everywhere – and none of them made me want to read it. Until I was on Goodreads flipping through my TBR list and noticed a horrific review of this book by ‘Princess‘. You see, ‘Princess’ was utterly horrified that an author could take the Greek Gods and portray them in a different light. She was utterly astounded that anyone would have the nerve to do that. I laughed so hard at her review and the others with similar content that I just had to pick up the book!

So, you see? Even bad reviews can entice a reader to read and enjoy a book they weren’t planning to read.

Author: Aimee Carter
Rating: A+
Steam: YA (there are references to premarital goings on that may offend the staunch)
Publisher: Harlequin Price: $4.74 (GR)

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