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The Gunsmith’s Gallantry

It’s been just over a year since the Ladies Shooting Club was organized. Though the ladies cut back on practices during the winter, it’s not late spring and they can finally begin again. Not much else it new in town, the sheriff’s still not married – although why no one knows even his girl. Oh, and someone gets married and not who you think…

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But this book isn’t about them, it’s about Isabel and Cyrus. The relationship between this father and daughter leaves much to be desired. She’s miserable, emotionally abused, and works as a slave all to keep proving herself to a father who always looks at her with disgust. She’s starting to return those looks – especially since he spends more and more time at the Nugget.

Then one evening a fellow shows up who utterly disgusts Isabel. Cyrus tells her it’s her mother’s brother but she’s positive that her mother had no brothers. Isabel spends an uncomfortable dinner with the two of them and then races to bed while the men argue in her father’s office. She’s awakened to an odd sound. She follows the sound to the back of the barn where she finds her father digging… no, he’s filling in the hole. Isabel can’t help but wonder what – or who is in that hole…

My thoughts

While I enjoyed the first book, I didn’t find it gripping. This one was much better. I enjoyed the plot. I enjoyed that the story was about Isabel’s relationship with her father and the Club’s support for her in her troubles.

I also enjoyed the book’s focus on Hiram, the gunsmith. While he provided the romantic and other necessary elements for this book, I still believe that it focused on Isabel. I like the fact that Davis is able to provide elements of many residents lives that tie together but not. To me it’s a sign of a great author. I didn’t feel that anything was lacking in the stories of any of the residents (in either book.)

What I didn’t enjoy – well, again, nothing specific. It was a terrific book. It’s just not a favorite.

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Borrow

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