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The Husband Trap

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Adrian can’t believe he’s finally found the woman he’s going to marry. He’s chosen wisely. His parents chose for love and spent the rest of their lives miserable. So, Adrian chose, instead a woman he feels certain that will fill the position as his ducal wife to perfection. Yes, he’s had second thoughts, even wondered if he should have chosen her much more compassionate twin, but no, the more social, vibrant, twin will definitely suit better.

Violet can’t believe Jeanette has talked her into this! Well, truth be told it was accidental, really. Jeanette merely refused to meet Adrian at theater a mere two hours before the ceremony and when Violet protested her twin suggested that violet marry him instead. Oh, my. So now, Jeanette if off touring Italy with their great-aunt and Violet is stuck pretending to be someone she’s not. Violet never could have been talked into this if she hadn’t fallen in love with him forever ago.

All she can do now is to pretend and hope no one learns the truth.

Hott Review

I adored this book! So frequently we see people fall into the same mistakes as their parents that it makes you thrill to see someone decide to not make the mistakes of their parents… Of course, that often doesn’t turn out well either.

I read someone’s post recently that they didn’t enjoy this book because they couldn’t get past the hero but I thoroughly enjoyed him. He is everything I anticipate a duke from the 1800’s would be – snotty, arrogant, and blind. I’ve met heroes that I liked much less ones that quite literally make me seethe. Adrian? Besides he was no more arrogant than a Hott man ;).

Author: Tracy Anne Warren
Rating: A
Steam: Adult
Series: Adult The Trap Trilogy
Publisher: Ivy Books Publish Date: 3/28/06
ISBN: 0345483081 Price: $7.99(GR)
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