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The Husband Tree, Mary Connealy

Belle is never getting married again! She has had it with these low-down worthless husbands!

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I guess that’s what happens when you marry for the wrong reasons – you pick the wrong guy. But to do that three times? You’d think she’d have learned.

Belle may not be able to pick men but she can ranch. She’s been running this ranch by herself since her oldest daughter was born. And she hasn’t stopped. Now with four girls and a ranch to run Belle has decided that she’s learned her lesson. She does’t need a man around – even her eight-year-old does more work than the men she brings home.

Until… she goes out to ride the ranch and count her stock. Then she finds she needs to sell at least a third of her cattle or the lot won’t make it through the winter. With winter only a few weeks away Belle realizes she shouldn’t have left it so late in the season but she couldn’t just run out and leave the baby with the girls.

Now, Belle finds herself in the position of bringing ranch hands in… except she can only find one. Hopefully, this man will do some work so she & her girls don’t kill them selves doing it all.

My thoughts

‘The Husband Tree’ is book two in Mary Connealy’s Montana Marriages series. However, this book stands on it’s own. This is a book I’ll read again and again.

What I liked: I loved the characters. This was a book that I couldn’t put down. It’s a book that I’ll think about later and crave again. I liked that, though, most of the main characters were Christians they made mistakes and were real people.

What I didn’t like: There were a couple times in the story that I thought it was over. It felt that the story was leading that way but then the story picked up again and pulled me back in. If you’re reading and feel that way – don’t worry, keep reading!

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Buy

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9 thoughts on “The Husband Tree, Mary Connealy

  1. Thanks for recommending this. I liked the look of the cover before I'd even started to read your review so was pleased that it was a good read with characters that you loved.

  2. OMG!
    This was my absolute favorite in the series too. I could relate to the heroine and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Silas. *sigh*

    FANTASTIC review.
    I totally agree.

  3. Hi, Gina. Thanks for the great review. I'll link my blog to it.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it, and Juju, thanks for recommending it.

  4. Wouldn't it be great if you could pick a good husband off a tree! Thanks for the review sounds like a good read.


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