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Coming Unraveled by @SusanMallery

The Knitting Diaries is an anthology including The Twenty-First Wish by Debbie Macomber; Coming Unraveled by Susan Mallery; and Home to Summer Island by Christina Skye.


Three wonderful authors. Each novella will be reviewed seperately. This week we’re reviewing Coming Unraveled.

Hott Synopsis

When Robyn’s grandmother called to ask her to come home and help her recover from knee surgery all Robyn felt was relief. Relief that she was going home. Relief that she could stop pretending. Relief that she could finally eat.
Making it on broadway isn’t an easy life and Robyn is thrilled that it’s a life she no longer has to pretend to love. It was a life her mother wanted to live before she fell in love and had a family. It was a life Robyn had been raised to love.

Now, Robyn is at an impasse. She needs to find something to do for the rest of her life. Arts degrees only get you so far and, well, the only other thing she’s gotten good at is waitressing.

Hott Review

It’s no use saying I’m impartial because each of you know that I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Susan Mallery. While this novella wasn’t nearly as snarky as some of her other works, I did find myself laughing before the end of the first page.

Robyn’s grandmother and her friends were the best part for me. They, like all women of a certain age, say and do things that others only dream of doing. You’ll need to grab it to see how they help Robyn find her dreams.

Rating: A
Steam: Adult – Quite Steamy.
Series: Blossom St 8.5 (?)
Publisher: Mira Publish Date: 3/14/11
ISBN: 0778329372 Price: $3.20(GR)
Others in the anthology: The Twenty-First Wish by Debbie Macomber
Return to Summer Island by Christina Skye

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