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Review: The Last Days of a Rake

What does it take to reform a rake?

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Does anyone really know the answer to that? My guess is, no. Yet, as Edgar Lankin details his life as a rake and what it took to finally make him see the light, you may wonder.

Edgar has treated women abominably. Yearly stalking the town and finding a a lady to destroy. When that escapade finally got boring, he found others to ruin. Why, you ask? Even he really isn’t sure. He admits that it was with malicious intent but even he can’t articulate the why even as he explains how.

My Thoughts

This was a shocking short story. It was read in a couple of hours. It probably shouldn’t have taken that long but I was so shocked by what Lankin did and how that I kept re-reading pages. There was nothing even ‘R’ rated in this book just references to the ruination of the women. It was the despicable and underhanded methods and willing intent that shocked me.

I was also cried through most of the book because I felt so very sorry for him. It hurt to watch someone destroy them-self and others, ‘Just because’. Yet, I’ve watched it happen each day and had it happen to me.

The idea of this book is what made me read it. One of the things that irks me is reading a book where the character goes on and on about a book they’ve read or written. It enamors me of that book. Then I’m irked because my attention has been piqued by a book I’ll never get to read. ‘The Last Days of a Rake’ fulfilled that for me. I wish every author was able to do that.

Even if you don’t read ‘Love and Scandal’ (it’s quite explicit) pick up this short. It gives new definition to the way some men people are. There are always rakes out there – maybe this will help you to know him them when you find them.

Rating: B
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