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The Mystery of the Blue Ring

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Even though Dawn tries to be friendly to Emily,

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, Emily just won’t like her. Okay, well, maybe Emily has a good reason. But Dawn did apologize and that incident was months ago.

But now, Emily needs help and Dawn needs a mystery so the girls must work together for the greater good – finding Emily’s ring. Emily’s special birthday ring with the blue stone.

The ring that the class thinks that Dawn has stolen. She did steal Emily’s unicorn. Sure, Dawn gave it back, but…

Hott Review

How absolutely adorable! This book is a fun way to teach several important lessons. Not only do the children learn about not jumping to conclusions and how to think through a problem logically but they also learn how it feels to be accused of something you didn’t do and how one mistake can color other’s opinion of you in the future.

This book would be a terrific addition to any library that enjoys a fun book replete with understated lessons!

Author: Patricia Reilly Giff
Rating: B+
Steam: N/A
Series: Polka Dot Private Eye

The Case of the Cool-Itch KidThe Mystery of the Blue Ring

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