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The Opera Ghost Lives

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Is it possible that the Opera Ghost didn’t die? He planned for everything, right? Couldn’t he have escaped?

Of course he escaped! He did have help, though. An angle came and saved him… Even knowing him, and the things that he has done, she still came to his rescue. She couldn’t refuse. His angel made a promise to a friend of The Opera Ghost that she couldn’t ignore. No matter how she wants to refuse him, a promise is a promise.

But to follow through on all of the promise may prove to be more than even an angel can endure.

Hott Review

I never liked the end of ‘Phantom of the Opera’, of course, I’m one of those who needs a happy ending. This continued from the previous story starting when they chased him down and continuing from there. However, it’s done in such a way that if you’ve never read the classic – or if it’s just been an eternity – or if you’ve only ever watched the movie you have no problem stepping right into the story and immersing yourself in he plot.

Forgiveness is a difficult thing. But, as most of us know, the most difficult person to forgive is ourself. Watching the ghost come to terms with the things that he’s done and the regrets that he has was a truly enlightening experience.

Author: Ann M. Kraft
Rating: B
Steam: YA
Publisher: HIS Publishing Group Publish Date: April 25th 2011
ISBN: B004XWPMRM Price: $9.95(GR)

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