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The Prince of Tides

Taps for the Prince of Tides. Dogs to my birthday party. Come to live in the white house, the marshes are never safe. Black dog not related to tigers. Daddy to get the camera.

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Daddy get the camera. The dogs are roaming in packs. Three men are coming down the road. Callanwolde. Callanwolde. Out of the woods of Callanwolde and up to house on Rosedale Road. Taps to the Prince of Tides. The brother’s mouth is not safe. The marsh is never safe. The shrimp are running, the shrimp are running, the dogs are running. Caesar. Red pins and gardenias. Now. Now. The giant and Coca-Cola. Bring the tiger to the back door. Play Dixie for the seals. A root for the dead men by the crow. Do you hear someone, Mother? The graves are talking again. Someone outside? Someone pretty, Mother. The snow is stolen from the river and someone prettier than me, Mother. How many angels dropped from the womb bloomed into ugliness in springtime? Where is fruit and Grandpa is cross. Stop the boat. Please stop the boat. I’m going to be with you for a very long time. Hurt you. Promise I will hurt you. Hurt the tiger man. Kill the tiger man. Stop the boat. Where is Agnes Day?”

When Tom is summoned to New York because his sister has had yet another break down and tried to end her life he’s not even sure why he’s been the family member chosen to go. Is is because he’s an unemployed coach and teacher? Is is because his marriage is falling apart? Is it because he lied to his Grandmother? Or is it because he’s her twin and the only sibling left alive?

However, when her psychiatrist plays the recording of her manic rants Tom understands that he’s the one that has been chosen to reveal to the doctor all of the secrets needed to ‘Put Humpty-Dumpty back together, again.’

My thoughts

What a ride! ‘The Prince of Tides’ is a love it or hate it type of book. In many ways it was shocking and appalling however it was never less than the truth and the ‘real world’ is often shocking and appalling.

The writing was superb. The language, however, was not. The book is generally set in a poor southern red-neck coastal town and the citizens vulgar mouths depict that. However, I’d like to note that I made extremely good use of the dictionary feature on my Nook and none of the words I looked up were vulgar.

This book is not for the faint of heart nor is it for children. It is an extremely graphic view of an abusive family and the lives they lived.

‘The Prince of Tides’ kept me enthralled to the end. The very things I utterly detested about it kept me hanging on. It felt so real that you just needed to know how it would end.

Rating: B+
Buy or Borrow: Borrow

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  1. Ooo graphic and a little vulgar. Doesn't sound like I would enjoy it. But thanks for the review 🙂

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