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Review: The Reluctant Cowgirl

Do you have someone who has been part of your life since the beginning? Someone you know will never leave. Someone who is more than a friend?

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Crystal doesn’t. She has her family, sure. And Crystal loves them dearly but she’s on the verge of breaking through to Broadway and just doesn’t have the time to visit. Then disaster strikes. Crystal’s play is canceled and she finds her roommate with the boyfriend who had asked Crystal to marry him. At least she finds the resolve to toss him out and move. But where to go? Home for the weekend.
But once home she finds that out of nine kids she’s the only one with the time to run their parents ranch while their on their second honeymoon/mission trip. Will Crystal do it? Of course not, she’s about to get her big break! The one she’s dreamed of practically since birth.
Then the neighboring cowboy walks in, smugly acting as if he knew she couldn’t do it and she finds herself running a ranch for the next month. Oh, well, she probably needed a break anyway.
Jeremy is shocked when the princess says she’ll stay and run the ranch. He’s astonished when she agrees that he should stop by and help out for the first week. But flabbergasted doesn’t even begin to describe how he feels when she actually works…
The Reluctant Cowgirl is a really good book. It’s a sweet romance that I wouldn’t be afraid to give to my daughter or niece — or great-grandma. While still having a plot and not feeling like you’re reading a YA book.
What I liked: Crystals struggles with herself to pull her dream together and to get her past worked out. The plot was terrific. The romance was comfortable.
What I didn’t like: Well, I read this book while I was in the car – one minute I was laughing the next I was balling… Hubby thought I was having a nervous breakdown!
I’m looking forward to reading book two!
Rating: B
Buy or Borrow: Borrow

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