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The Sheriff’s Surrender

Gert does it all. She keeps house, cooks, and tests guns for her brother. Not that he’s ungrateful. It’s just that he hasn’t spoken much since his wife and baby died.

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But Gert doesn’t have any friends – unless her brother and his friend, Ethan, count. Until the sheriff dies and the ladies in town begin to ask Gert to teach them to shoot. With a villain on the loose they just can’t be too careful and Gert is the best in town!

Even when Ethan is appointed sheriff the ladies don’t relax – they insist on helping. What is Ethan to do? He takes it like a man and requests their help! But Ethan has a slight problem – he doesn’t think of Gert as Gert she seems softer to him, sweeter, not short and abrupt.

My thoughts

The Sheriff’s Surrender was a terrific book. It is the first in the series and the first book I’ve read by author Susan Paige Davis. It was an enjoyable book. I really liked the ladies. They bonded and accepted each other for what they are. The only changes they hoped for were the ones that involved their friends personal relationships with God.

What I didn’t like – I’m not really sure. It was a good book but it just couldn’t keep my attention. I think I may have just been burnt out but still, I usually read until I crash yet I found myself putting this book down until I had time instead of cramming at stoplights…

This is a terrific book for a teenage romantic. I enjoyed it. It was fun but I wouldn’t race out for the next one.

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Borrow

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